Why Choose Energy-Efficient Windows?

Energy-efficient windows minimize heat transfer and reduce the need for artificial heating and cooling. They can also protect your home from harmful UV rays. This can protect furnishings from fading, prolonging their lifespans.

These windows use advanced technologies and materials to enhance insulation. They incorporate low-emissivity coatings and double or triple glazing with gas fills (usually argon). This helps them maintain a comfortable indoor temperature without excessive air conditioning.

1. Lower Energy Bills

Choosing energy efficient windows is an investment in your home. However, the long-term savings will make it worthwhile. ENERGY STAR certified replacement windows will cut your annual energy bills by $100 or more, depending on climate and usage.

New energy efficient windows are more effective at keeping your house insulated and help regulate seasonal temperatures. Low-E glass coatings and gas fills reduce heat transfer, allowing sunlight to enter your house in the summer but limiting the flow of heat out in the winter.

The frames of the windows are also a key factor when it comes to energy efficiency. Wood and vinyl offer excellent insulation. Aluminum is a cheap choice but lacks the durability of other materials and can rust. Composite and fiberglass are more expensive, but they’re non-corrosive and more durable than metal.

2. Increased Home Value

Upgrading your windows with new energy-efficient custom windows increases the overall resale value of your home. They minimize heat transfer and effectively insulate your home, reducing energy consumption. This cost-saving feature is appealing to potential buyers who prioritize sustainability and a green lifestyle.

Energy efficient windows also reduce outdoor noise, providing a peaceful living environment. Choosing windows with low-E coatings and multiple panes ensures enhanced thermal comfort, eliminating drafts and overheating in the summer. These features also minimize glare and UV rays, which contribute to improved visual appeal. They also help you meet green certifications, a selling point for environmentally-conscious homebuyers. This type of window installation is also highly aesthetically pleasing, offering sleek aesthetics that enhance curb appeal. Moreover, they provide superior durability and security.

3. Low Maintenance

The right doors and windows can improve the aesthetic appeal, value, and functionality of a home or business. JELD-WEN provides a wide selection of expertly designed doors, windows and patio doors that are energy efficient and durable. Their products and services are backed by exceptional support, giving homeowners peace of mind.

Energy-efficient windows reduce drafts, maintain stable temperatures year-round, and reflect unwanted UV rays. They are also easy to clean and operate. ENERGY STAR-certified windows can cut annual energy costs by up to $100 per year, depending on utility rates and consumption.

JELD-WEN energy-efficient windows have low U-factors that limit the transfer of heat through the glass, frame, spacers and trim. They also feature insulated frames and trim that reduce condensation build-up and air leakage. Insulated spacers, like our Intercept warm-edge spacer system, further reduce conduction and allow for greater energy efficiency by reducing edge-to-glass temperature differences.

4. Reduced Noise Infiltration

Windows account for 25-30% of home heating and cooling energy use. Upgrading to energy efficient windows cuts energy consumption and helps lower electric bills.

Insulation is an important factor in reducing air infiltration around window seals. Adding a second window can improve insulation values up to 77% more than a single pane. This significantly reduces heating-cooling related energy costs and increases comfort.

Glass with a Low-E coating is another option that can optimize thermal performance and cut carbon emissions by blocking solar rays (infrared and ultraviolet) that cause furniture and carpet to fade. It also provides superior sound reduction. Clad windows, which combine wood or aluminum on the inside with vinyl on the outside, are another option that offers durability and energy efficiency. These windows are becoming increasingly popular among homeowners who value sustainability and beauty.

5. Increased Comfort

Energy-efficient windows help to regulate indoor temperatures, allowing you to reduce your reliance on heating and cooling systems. This helps to lower your utility bills, delivering substantial cost savings over the course of their lifecycle.

They are designed to provide optimal comfort throughout the year by minimizing drafts and hot or cold spots caused by thermal leakage. Additionally, they protect furnishings and fabrics from damaging UV rays.

They feature multiple panes of glass and insulated frames that create a thermal barrier to limit air infiltration, keeping the indoor temperature at a comfortable level all year round. They also use argon gas fills and window spacers to enhance insulation. Intercept warm-edge spacer systems can further increase energy efficiency by reducing condensation and preventing edge-to-glass temperature differences.